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Source YS GiftНаша компания Yueshi, которая специализируется в посуду, сырьевых товаров, очистки продуктов, товары для ванной комнаты, мебель для сада, ремесла, подарки. Все наши продукты производятся и проверены опытных рабочих, инженеров и контролеров качества. Который готов разрабатывать и выпускать продукцию с как стандартных, так и индивидуальные характеристики. У нас систем строгого внутреннего управления и талантливых специалистов, имеющих богатый опыт работы. Ведущие тенденции моды времени, наши продукты имеют стильный новейшей конструкции. Наша цель-вечная операции, непрерывное совершенствование и специальности. «Реформы и инновации для новой жизни» является принцип бизнеса нашей компании. Дух нашего предприятия: успех, преданная, добросовестный, коллективная работа, инновационные и высокой производительности. Мы искренне приветствуем друзей со всего мира посетить нашу компанию и сотрудничать с нами на основе долгосрочного сотрудничества и взаимной выгоды. Мы будем рады получить ваши запросы скоро.

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  • Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas! 2017-12-20

    Christmas is coming in the way ,wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at Christmas and stay with you all the year through. For you and your family, customers, during this holiday season!

  • 2017 Autumn Canton Fair
    2017 Autumn Canton Fair 2017-11-06

    The same opportunities and challenges, glory and dreams fly together. We visit our customers in Canton Fair. The 122th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair for short) is run in three phases, the opening time of 2017 Oct 15 to Nov 4 was held in Guangzhou. Three are in the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex. 

  • Xiamen Yueshi National Day holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival
    Xiamen Yueshi National Day holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival 2017-09-26

    The vacation for the National Day holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival is from Oct.1st to Oct.8th. The working day is Oct.9th. Please inform our customers and arrange your work in advance. Please contact Julia at julia@grinch6666.com; Mobile NO.: 15860727861 if urgently. XIAMEN YUESHI TRADE CO.,LTD 2017.09.26

  • Mooncake gambling Rules for the Moon Cake Game
    Mooncake gambling Rules for the Moon Cake Game 2017-09-26

    The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. For centuries, the Mid-Autumn Festival has encouraged family reunions, big feasts and enjoyment of a beautiful full moon. But for people in Xiamen, their exciting games have just started. A special custom “Moon-cake Gambling” will take place in every Mid-autumn Festival. You find a pack of six dice inside after opening every gaudily decorated box of mooncakes. Gambling? Right, but it is definitely legal. Because the stakes among the locals are mooncakes - and that is how this unique celebrating activity has got its Chinese name "Bo Bing." It is played only around the Mid-Autumn Festival. Easy to play though, the games have quite complicated rules hard to remember. So it is thoughtful for some mooncake manufacturers to print the rules on the package. All the "Bo Bing" game requires are six dice and a china bowl. Just throw the dice into the bowl - and the different pips you get stand for different ranks of awards you will win. When walking along streets in this tiny island during this time, you will hear the pleasant silvery sound of the dice rolling. Cheers of winning or loss are everywhere. The 300-year-old custom of mooncake gambling dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The inventor, Zheng Chenggong (1624-62), a general of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), stationed his army in Xiamen. Zheng was determined to recover Taiwan, which was occupied by Dutch invaders since 1624. When every Mid-Autumn Festival came, the soldiers naturally missed their families but fought with heroical determination to drive off the aggressors. General Zheng and his lower officer Hong Xu invented mooncake gambling to help relieve homesickness among the troops. The gambling game has six ranks of awards, which are named as the winners in ancient imperial examinations, and has 63 different sized mooncakes as prizes. From the lowest to the highest, the titles of six ranks are Xiucai (the one who passed the examination at the county level), Juren (a successful candidate at the provincial level), Jinshi (a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination), Tanhua, Bangyan and Zhuangyuan (respectively the number three to number one winners in the imperial examination at the presence of the emperor). Game players throw the dice by turns. Different pips they count win the player a relevant "title" and corresponding type of mooncakes. The lucky player who gets the pips to make it the title of "Zhuangyuan," will be the biggest winner in the game, and gain the largest mooncake. In ancient China, to win the imperial examination was the only way to enter an official career which was the dream of most learners, since the examination system was established in the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618). No wonder then, if a person won "Zhuangyuan" through the imperial examination, the success would bring great honour to both him and his family, followed with a high-level position and a great sum ...


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